Imaginarium Atelier comes from the minds of Sylvaine Frouin and Marek Machlowski.

Working alongside each other on our respective jewellery brands for the past 10 years, We have created a mysterious and theatrical world to make our dream jewellery come to life. By joining forces and sharing a very different set of skills, we are aiming to create elegant and bold designs that hold a subtle touch of magic, allowing the wearer to express their individuality in an exquisite way. 

The aesthetic of the Imaginarium comes from the marriage of classical goldsmithing techniques with the desire to create a world full of poetry and whimsy. Imaginarium is a home for our respective collections and our collaborative projects. Each piece from our first collection is made of gold and platinum, set with diamonds and gemstones, entirely handcrafted in our Brighton workshop.  


If you are considering having a bespoke piece made, do get in touch. You can visit our workshop in Brighton (UK)  or meet us at an event (See list of events for 2020). We can also discuss your ideas via email or phone.

We love working one-on-one with our clients to create the perfect piece of jewellery. It’s all about combining your personality with our vision and bringing to life a piece that tells your story and compliments your personal style. We can work from a story, a theme ,a mood, a stone... The origins of a design can be literally anything.You can provide images for reference an to get inspired by.

We work with gold, platinum, palladium and silver… Your budget may guide your choice of metal. You might want to choose a certain metal for its symbolic meaning, its colour, or durability. We are passionate about gemstones and are happy to source any particular gems you are interested in or we can offer different options that might suit your tastes or design.

We also enjoy giving a new life to outdated or damaged pieces. We can completely transform and re-model old pieces. We also restore or alter precious jewellery with sentimental value.

Platinum wave engagement ring with diamonds and sapphires